Safe Visitation Guidelines

  1. I agree to sign in and be screened for signs and symptoms of COVID-19 prior to visitation. 

  2. I agree to wear a mask at all times when visiting. 

  3. I agree to perform hand hygiene before and after my visit. 

  4. I agree to refrain from physical contact with resident during my visit. 

  5. I agree to adhere to social distance guidelines when visiting and remain 6 feet apart from the resident. 

  6. I agree not to share food or drink with the resident during the visit. 

  7. I agree to notify the facility if I, and /or someone close to me, develops any symptoms related to COVID following my visit. 

  8. I agree to call the Receptionist and/or contact the Concierge immediately if the resident experiences any changes in condition during my visit. (Phone # 889-1100) 

  9. I understand that if I fail to adhere to the safe visitation guidelines, I will be prohibited from visiting. 



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