Sub-acute Rehabilitation and Amputee Rehabilitation

Achieve and Perform at Grandell Rehabilitation & Nursing Center

Rehabilitation Department

The Rehabilitation Department at Grandell offers a wide-range of services in physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy to accommodate post-hospitalization patients for short-term rehab. Our state-of-the-art gymnasium is the first New York State facility with a fifty-five foot long ceiling-based rail/rehabilitation harness designed to help restore confidence to amputees, patients with hip and knee replacements, stroke, MS or others illnesses or injuries that have affected balance, standing and walking.

An individual plan of care for rehab is developed for every short-term patient or long-term resident who requires rehab. The plan of care is developed based on doctor’s orders and Medicare guidelines. Individual goals are set by each patient’s assigned therapist. The patient’s age, medical diagnosis, physical and emotional needs, cognition, and capabilities are taken into consideration when a plan of care and goals are set.

When appropriate for the patient’s plan of care, we utilize our rail/rehabilitation harness to help them stand and to restore balance for walking. This special equipment eliminates the fear of falling and helps to restore confidence in patients so they can achieve faster progress and results. The harness locks if a resident or patient loses balance or leans forward. It is beneficial for those whose legs shake or are weak to gain self-confidence and strength.


Sub Acute Residents

Our rehab department treats patients with various illnesses and diagnoses including, but not limited to, stroke, those patients who require cardiac rehab (CHF) or have had cardiac surgery, patients who have suffered a fracture, have had a knee or hip replacement, those with respiratory disease (COPD), patients who have suffered a decline in functional status in their activities of daily living, patients with Multiple Sclerosis and other neurological illnesses, patients with Alzheimer’s and Dementia, and patients who have had an amputation.

Rehab at Grandell is offered six days a week. Progress is recorded every day and evaluated weekly, and therapy plans are modified to best maximize each participant’s rehab program.

Transition Back to the Community

When preparing for discharge, our social workers and therapists work with outside agencies to coordinate services that will be needed to prepare the resident for their personal living environment. These may include an evaluation of their home environment, home care, or coordination of medical services, nursing services or outpatient rehabilitation.

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