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Annex E: Infectious Disease/Pandemic Emergency 

As the COVID-19 pandemic surged around the world, healthcare policy makers, managment and staff have had to recognize a risk that was talked about, but never really prepared for. Complicating the response further was that this pandemic was caused by a new pathogen, (novel virus), and to which there was no natural immunity or vaccination. We are still learning about how this disease is transmitted, which population is the most vulnerable and the best course of treatment. The most terrible aspect of the experience so far is that COVID-19 takes a terrible toll on the elderly and those sick with co-morbidities. As such, Skilled Nursing Facilities congregate care setting were especially at risk during this outbreak. As a result of this, the State and Federal governments have enacted additional requirements for the safe operation of a home.  This document lays out the required elements of new legal and regulatory responsibilities during a pandemic.  

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